Summit Leaders

Summit Life is a 6-week, online coaching program for men and women that is focused on helping you find your calling and courageously launching out into a life of purpose and vision. It's perfect for people who are preparing for a life transition or know it's time to step into their true calling. 

You'll get personal coaching, a personality profile, someone to "talk it out" with, and some great materials to help you explore your unique story and conquer your greatest fears. You'll take the journey with your coach Joël Malm.

At the start of the program you'll sit down with Joël Malm and develop a strategic stewardship plan for family, finances, career, ministry and personal goals that you'll continue to build on during the program. You'll have monthly meetings with Joël and your team. 

This program is perfect for anyone who sees a life transition coming or has just decided it's time to make a change and pursue what you are really passionate about. 

Here's a sample of the video content from Mark Batterson. If you've decided it's time to make an investment in your future - click here.